Wednesday, 19 November 2014

[REVIEW] Maybelline Color Show Lipstick

Hello Lovely, a month ago I stopped at drugstore and it turns out this Color Maybelline Show release in Indonesia from the early of 2014. And I bought 3 different colors of lipstick; Plum Perfect Nude, Mocha and Red My Lips.
This lipstick is sealed in plastic brands maybelline and any content inside a lipstick but i didn't take a pict i'm soo hurriedly to try it haha. Umm, Maybelline Color Show have 20 different color, but in Indonesia only stock 15 colors. For colors you can click this LINK

This is the results swatch on my hand, Maybelline Lipstick Color Show it produces glossy colors and is suitable for dry lips like mine. So, you didn't need lip balm or lip gloss. PLUS! you only apply one or two on your lips without lip brush because the color because of its color and texture evenly directly bold so no need to repeat it many times. However, when you apply to your lips slowly because this texture soft and lipstick is definitely gonna break plus don't get hot air too.

Produk: Maybelline Color Show Lipstick
Color: Plum Perfect, Nude Mocha dan Red My Lips
Price: IDR 35.000 or $2,5 (IDR 25.000 promo price)
Contains: 3,9g

GOOD (+) and BAD (-)
+ Cheap
+ Glossy don't need lip balm
+ Soft on your lips
+ Easy to apply on your lips
+ Scented fruits
+ Durable around 5 hours (without drink or meal)

- Very simple packaging and looks for parents 
- Easy stuck on glass while drinking

Note: My favorite color isPlum Perfect.

So, what do you thinks?
do you wanna try this product?
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Love, Rimma

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