Sunday, 30 November 2014

[REVIEW] Etude Kissful Lip Care Concealer

Hi Lovely! Did you know Pony's Beauty Diary? Yups She is Beauty Guru and Ulzzang from Korea. So everything she wear and use I'm so curious and want to try. And one of many video on Pony's youtube, i want to try Concealer for lips, and yeaaaa I bought Etude Kissful Lip Care Concealer, because I have little black lips.

inredients and direction of use on back.

Contents of concealer with peach color stick.

Produk: Etude Kissful Lip Care Concealer
Color: Nude
Price: IDR 60.000
Contains: 3,5g

My bare lips without Etude concealer and with concealer. First impression, not suitable for dry and cracked lips. Because, this feel little heavy and uncomfortable.

I tried with my red lipstick with concealer. My second impression, "oh my god, the color changed".
I think "If you didn't like dark color, you can combine with concealer"

This product said "Lip concealer even outs the redness in lips, creating a smooth and neutral surface for long-lasting lipstick application"

Good (+) and Bad (-)
+ Cute packaging
+ I can use Etude Lip Care Concealer for 1 years maybe HAHA
+ If you didn't like dark color, you can combine with concealer.
+ Long-lasting color lipstick

- Smell like chalk
- Little a bit uncomfortable
- No moisturizer for lips

So, What do you think Sweetie?
If you have experience with Etude Kissfull Lip Care Concealer feel free comment below.
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  1. Dai ini semacam lip base buat lipstick ya. Warna lipstick yang dihasilkan jika dan atau tidak pake pun hasilnya berbeda.

    Makasi ya Rimma udah main ke post aku

  2. kayaknya lip care concealer in cocok banget klo pengen bikin gradient lips yaa ..
    kalo buat base kaya nya kurang cocok ..
    Thank you for review


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