Thursday, 13 June 2013

Agnez Reve Eau De Perfume!

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Who doesn't know Agnes Monica? all people must know her! The famous singer from Indonesia has just released the newest perfume called "Agnez Reve Eau De Perfume" on June 1, 2013. Agnez Reve, The meaning of Reve is DREAM. This perfume is inspired by her journey to realize her dream, which is a special blend of beauty and bravery to get dream, the perfume really shows personality of Agnes Monica.

Well, Agnes Monica gives an attractive bottle with a unique shape with Agnes Monica’s signature hot metal printing on bottle. Do you know what? The neon color not from the bottle but from perfume liquid! Awesome right?. Intrigued with the fragrance?

Agnez Reve have top,mid and base notes; Top notes are Green, pineapple, mango, orange, dewberry. Mid Notes are Jasmine, freesia, prune, water lily, tea rose, cassis, passion fruit. Base Notes are Musk, amber, peach, caramel, vanilla.

Levels Type of Agnez Reve Parfume is EDP (Eau De Perfume). Wait? EDP? What is EDP? Okey i will tell you about lavels type of parfume on the world.
Parfume type is EDC, EDT, EDP, Perfume:
EDC: EDC perfume is rarely found in fragrance products. Fragrance only lasted a minute, and usually consists of 2-4% concentrated fragrance ingredients.
EDT: EDT is the most widely available in the market. EDT consists of 4-8% concentrate. Fragrant EDT persist for some time, but is best used for night time where its use is not long.
EDC: usually consists of 8-16% fragrance concentrate material. EDP ​​fragrance usually begin to disappear after a few hours, but the scent trail will still be available within 24 hours. EDP ​​suitable if you need a lasting scent day.
Perfume: The concentrated is the most delicate and the most of four types of perfume. Usually consists of 20-40% concentrated fragrance ingredients, of being the most expensive.

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pssstt, i got Agnez Reve Tester (sample perfume) and the perfume i used for daily.
My 70% liquid perfume because my friend tried my Agnez Reve EDP.

Okey~ next what a fragrance? smell good or not? you know what, i love the frangrance of Agnez Reve, sweet from floral fruity dewberry, more fresh from tropical mango and you feel like more spirit to going work and hanging out! oh wait, the last fragrance like vanilla, amber, peach, musk, caramel yap like base notes! seriously the fragrance really fresh not mainstream parfume. must try it girls!
ssstt, do you know? on promo right now, the parfume limited edition only 5000 bottles are produced and bottled in 1291 has been sold.
How to order?
2.       next click Pre-Order Reve Limited Edition
3.       next step you will move to new windows.
4.       Wait you must be ‘become a member’
5.       if you done registration next step click add to cart
6.       and fiola~ Agnez Reve on your cart, and you must pay via ATM and give confirmation via blibli’s email.

so what are you waiting girls? let's go CLICK THIS PROMO and spray your dream come true!