Sunday, 12 May 2013


Hello Superb Blogger!
Okey, for a long time i am not post my outfit. i am really busy for a couple of week.
But, i will post my outfit with simple way.
Yap, just post my outfit without blablabla story, i want to be simple blog.
Outfit | Food | Little Quote | Inspiration People
So, welcome to my new rules~ hihihi
by the way, i will reply your comments superb blogger, sorry for late reply. ;)

Blue Top | CastleofWudd
Leaf Necklace | Random store
Turquoise Skirt | Made by Rims (me)
Peach Dino Clutch | Mannequin Plastic
Peach Knot as my bracelet | Naughty
Polkadot Sock | Random store
Abstract Heels | Shoesizme

Good Night Superb Blogger!

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