Friday, 12 April 2013

My life is a Blur

Halloha~ Superb Blogger

Finally i can post my outfit~
Huuu~ the Exam killing me slowly but i am not dead guys!
One week full of DEADLINE exams (take home exams)! create new cover magazine, books, newspaper, create label for ice cream and goodie bag. Fuiiih~ i feel like i am a new (pro) designer for packaging HAHA! 
Oh Gosh! i can't wait for Blur Concert~
You know Blur? yes Blur is my favorite band from England before The Beatles, Radiohead and Arctic Monkey.
But, rumours Blur will cancel their concert! ugh i think blur will come to Indonesia just one of my life!

Blur T-shirt | Paradays
Cream Jacket | BOSS
Black Legging | Unbranded
Beige Boots | ICONinenty9
Punk Pyramid Bracelet | THboxes

"I've never met anyone like you, I've never done the things you like to do" - Blur (All Your Life)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Karl Lagerfeld x Melissa Shoes Collection

Who doesn't know Karl Lagerfeld? He is the famous designer from Germany became Head Designer and Creative Direction at Chanel, He collaboration with Melissa Shoes from Brazil.
Karl created some unique flavor and modern Melissa Shoes like "Incense" with the ice cream, "Ginga" with curved kitten heel, gold "Glam" flats, and "Melissima" Mary-Janes with a variety colors.

About Melissa Shoes, They not going to change their trademark like plastic shoes, so you can enjoy using Melissa Shoes on Rainy day or Sunny day. So KarlxMelissa Shoes will be new unique trend because that shoes really unique, cool, glamour, cute and anything!
But, do you know who be model using the new Karl x Melissa Shoes? yap! She is Cara Delevingne the famous model on models world.

Ginga                                                  Melissima
Incense                                                       Glam

So, If you want to know all about Karl x Melissa Shoes please click this ;)
Enjoy Reading and Surfing Blogging Superb Blogger! :)