Monday, 25 February 2013

Dove Body Wash Nourishing Protect Your Skin!

Hello Superb Blogger

A couple day i have too many activties in an AC room and super cold plus rainy day in my country everyday *cloder*. and this wheather make my skin become dry. little bit shy when i am too busy cover fashion show and take a many picture beautiful model on catwalk but my skin look unhealthy, oh you don't want people looking my dry skin, isn't? And also i am not use body lotion because i am anti-body lotion. So i just believe my body wash for protect my skin and my body wash doesn't contain moisturizing *increasingly dry* *my skin scream a loud need a help*

But beautiful angel help me, yep she is my mom! she give me a body wash can help my skin. The body wash is New Bove Body Wash with Cucumber&Green Tea Scent. I tried use a week. First try the resulting foam from Dove Body Wash very smooth on my hand and sweet scented. My mom said Dove Body Wash is different with other Body Wash, in adtion have sweet&smooth scented and a durable also Dove a new variant contain a milk but Better Than Milk!. You always go to Salon just for scarp + milk bath but you must waiting if the salon full of costumer, and tomorrow you must go to activites again in AC room!. But now different, you can bath with milk but remember better than milk as usualy like a salon at home in everyday without go to the salon and waiting. You know what a body wash can make you milk bath like in salon? yes especially if not a Dove Body Wash.

And results used Dove Nourishing is RIGHT! Dove can made your skin be smooth and sweet-smell, Dove Body Wash have their own thew smell and no one can same like Dove Body Wash. Because Dove Body Wash different like another i am also always using Dove Body Wash for protect and help my skin ©

How to use Dove Body Wash

First, prepare a sponge

Second, use Dove Body Wash with your favorite scent

 Third, pour Dove Body Wash into a sponge

Fourth, squeeze a sponge until foamy and swab to all parts of your body

Ready to get sensation bath with smoothly from Dove's foam and also sweet smell will spread throughout the bathroom, and don't shock if results from Dove Body Wash very statisfactory! hihihi

Dove Body Wash have 3 variant; Deeply Nourishing, Revive with Pomegranate&Lemon Verbena Scent dan Fresh Touch with Cucumber&Green Tea Scent.
Oiya, you must know Dove Body Wash contains formula Natrium Moisture can restore  skin nutrition. eits! not only one, Dove Body Wash can make your skin smooth and more beautiful. So if i go to fashion event i am not shy again and can show off my hand and  foot. Want to be stylish with healthy skin and smell? Try a bath with Dove 'Nourshing Body Wash.

You can sent your testimonial after used Dove Body Wash --> HERE, you can win iPad 3,Samsung Galaxy Note and 100 beautiful gifts from DoveBody Wash and ends on 28 February 2013! c'mon girls!!

"Dove helps protect nourishing skin and nutrition your skin everyday" - Dove ©

Keep your skin ya Superb Blogger!!


  1. night rima...
    Aku juga beli tuh, asyik banget tp yg biru:)
    gk sbr pngen ngepost and ikutan comment jg .
    Smelttt so good dear


  2. lovely blog.

  3. I love dove too dear <3


  4. lagi ikutan lomba ya? moga menang yaa :D

  5. wah aku belum coba tuh sabun Dove nya.. cuma nyobain shampoo aja hehe

    btw check my collection on facebook yaa ada rok motif bunga bunga yang bisa dipake dalam 15 gaya! :D or my instagram


  6. i got mine too, the blue one.
    it's really better than milk :D

  7. I'll try hahahaha my skin is really bad now. Thanks for the suggestion=)

    Eka Theresia♥

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  9. I bet it smells amazing. Dove rocks! Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by us too when you have time.

  10. wooow lg banyak yang ngepost tentang dove. haha btw iya aku temenya riza, malah sempet sekelas.hahaha :D

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  12. nice review!
    dove has nice smell

    style frontier

  13. Good review, thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi I love your blog your posts are amazing !!! go check and subscribe

    kisses WTF! STREET STYLE !!!

  15. Dove products really work amazingly! I've never had problem with their body wash or hair products, and their soap bars are great. xx


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